The NBA does not pay players who miss games for refusing Covid jabs

The National Basketball Association does not pay players who miss the game for refusing to comply with local vaccination rules, escalating tensions with fewer but fewer who still keep taking the Jov-19.

New process The U.S. basketball league is particularly concerned with players in major American teams – including New York and San Francisco – who now require evidence of inoculation on major domestic issues.

The move reflects the challenges the NBA faced, which led the world to follow the medical follow-up of all teams playing in the “bubble” in Florida last season. It is now trying to end a rift between its famous players, including Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving.

More than 90% of NBA players have a complete vaccination, say the management of his players’ club earlier this week, compared to about 56% of the US population.

LeBron James, a Los Angeles Lakers player known to be a contender, told reporters this week that he received the vaccine after initial “suspicion”, although he felt the decision was personal and not something he was free to offer advice to other players or individuals to do.

Many US players will not be able to force its players to reject solid corporations. Other notable stars including Irving and Andrew Wiggins of the Golden State Warriors have denied public vaccinations or questions about their role.

Local laws in New York City and San Francisco require that all participants in home entertainment receive adequate vaccination, a principle that affects players in three NBA teams: the Nets, Warriors and New York Knicks. Knicks general manager said Friday that all board members received their jokes.

Wednesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio encouraged Irving, a seven-time selection for an all-NBA star team, to take the jab. “I love Kyrie. As soon as I asked for it – a vaccine, “he told CNN. Irving refused to explain his vaccine at a Nets show earlier this week.

“In the meantime, please respect my privacy on any issues – home games, what’s going on with the vaccine,” he said.

Wiggins’ request for religious release from the San Francisco vaccination law was rejected by the NBA, the league said on Friday.

US filmmaker Ted Cruz he wrote Wednesday’s support for Irving, Wiggins, and other players who have been vaccinated, is the hashtag #YourBodyYourChoice.

Cruz, a Republican, added his support that LeBron James does not want to be vaccinated:. .[he]they don’t play in any game that stops another NBA player because they choose health “.

Of the major American competitions, the NBA is at high risk of vaccination because it plays all home games.

In the summer, the National Soccer League, which plays a number of tournaments in outdoor stadiums, published a memo to its teams it says that any club that is experiencing an epidemic among non-vaccinated players has lost the game and been given a chance.

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