The International Monetary Fund (IMF) leader refuses to attempt to force China to join the World Bank

Global currencies are changing

Kristalina Georgieva has stepped up her fight to remain the leader of the IMF among the people who want to step down, and strongly condemns what she says has forced World Bank officials to change a country with a good reputation for China’s benefit.

“Let me be clear: these statements are wrong. I did not force anyone to change any reports, “Georgieva said Friday.

His words come at a time when the IMF is rich results from a report released last week by the World Bank that sparked fears in Washington’s financial institutions.

The report, written by attorneys in Wilmer Hale, describes Georgeieva’s actions in 2017 to change stance in the World Bank’s annual report as its chief executive, after pressure from Beijing officials to change China’s position as the bank negotiated growth for a lot of money.

“There was nothing about the World Bank’s currency of any kind,” Georgieva said in a statement Friday. “Observing the reliability of the reports was a part of my work on the project, and, contrary to the above, I followed all the procedures to update the report.”

Georgieva said he is waiting for an explanation IMF record the findings “recently”. Officials who are sharing the money have been considering the allegations without getting any of them.

Many governments, including Biden officials in the US, have not said whether they are confident that Georgieva will continue to work.

The IMF chief said that while at the World Bank he simply asked his team to “check for accuracy” on the Doing Business pages.

“Integrity is very important in the organizations that I have been leading in my humanitarian work, and I will not be involved in any political change,” Georgieva wrote.

He also highlighted the importance of his current work, and the annual meetings of the IMF and the World Bank just a few weeks before the start of October: in terms of gender equality and race, our work at the IMF has not been so important. ”

But Georgieva admitted that the allegations – as well as their public response since last week – had brought joy to the IMF staff.

“Even though I was trying to be open and inclusive, I was very sad to know that some of my colleagues felt that their concerns had not been addressed,” Georgieva said. “Going forward, I will make sure that I pay close attention to the views of the hearing staff. And I will make sure that we have the means for our colleagues to express their views.

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