The CEO of Sweetgreen Says We Want Salads More Than Strength

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In states like Florida and Georgia, hospitals and mochiro rising under the weight of a new emergency release in endless COVID cases. YMaybe you think people should consider it wearing a mask and vaccinating that he may bend down, but Sweetgreen CEO Jonathan Neman thinks we should take another approach: eat more salads.

Mu a removed A Linkedin post, Neman wrote “78% of sleep-deprived people due to COVID are overweight and obese.” CEO-whose company is best known for very expensive salads – he added that while he has been fully vaccinated and helps others to do the same, it is best to focus on “perfect health” and not self-defense.

We have been keen to launch a covert and vaccine campaign but with zero negotiations on HEALTH MANDATES, “he wrote. “

He also mentioned the “health benefits” – the need for masks and vaccines prways to avoid the oven against the virus – they were examples of blatant “government lies”.

Posted photo now.

Posted photo now.
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To bring about that healthier future, we don’t only need to shove more $15 salads down our gullet, according to Neman. Instead, he proposed delegalizing unhealthy food. Y’know, the unhealthy food that other chains are selling.

“What if we made the food that is making us sick illegal?” he went on. “What if we taxed processed food and refined sugar to pay for the impact of the pandemic? What if we incentivized health?”

We’ve already seen how folks across the country have is often violent she replied when asked politely to put it on mask in the house. Just think what would happen if we tried asking them to put on a soda bottle, or charge them a fine if they do not. People start riots. Hell, I would like to riot. I have no problem leaving the freedom to go naked in public, but nothing comes between me and my DCoke.

Jokes aside, Neman’s simple ideas ignore a number of important things, such as finances which makes it cheaper and easier to take McDonald’s expensive food instead of having a $ 15 green god pot. But I would be a great salad chain, maybe I also want to compete with my competitors on the burger.

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