Tencent promotes international funding because Beijing is opposed to the sport

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Tencent has increased its foreign investment more than seven times this year, making it China’s most important Chinese company in the world while Beijing is also promoting the scrutiny of religious groups.

The media, sports and fintech recorded 16 events in Europe, bringing the world to 34 in the first six months of 2021, according to a Refinitiv report. This compares with four external regions at the same time in 2020 and three in 2019.

Tencent’s external push came as the Chinese emperor had lost instead its many businesses as a sport. “Strict rules and a slowdown in China have forced many Chinese companies to pursue foreign markets,” said Daniel Ahmad, a sports analyst at Niko Partners.

Most of Tencent’s work in Europe was in the playgrounds. The UK’s subsidiary Tencent Miniclip, a Swiss sports page, bought the Dutch Gamebasics studio in January. Miniclip also won a major stake in the Romanian Green Horse Games studio in February at an undisclosed price.

Tencent also participated in a number of ventures in Singapore, India, Japan, South Korea and Australia as it expanded its global business for the first time.

“Tencent’s global game revenue is growing faster than domestic revenue and now supports 25% of online gaming revenue. I think we will probably see more money in the region move forward, “said Wium Malan, a researcher at Propatives Research who publishes on the Smartkarma platform.

Much of what Tencent does in Europe in countries including the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Romania has been developed through small organizations. Investigators said this could be avoided by public review.

Tencent’s negotiations to buy a German player for Crytek through its support this summer are also speculated and potentially secure. Crytek did not respond to a request for comment.

“China’s technical concerns have been severely curtailed” in markets including the US, US, Europe and Australia, says Mark Natkin, founder of Marbridge Consulting, a Beijing-based technical research group. “It would be wise to buy it using a simple method that does not attract public attention.”

The technical team in China often appoints local merchants or bosses to lead the foreign businesses they sell. They are already in Finland Supercell, creator of celebrities Family violence.

“Tencent is keeping the money” quietly “, meaning they are no longer registering their companies and often leaving the companies to continue the success that attracted Tencent in the first place,” Ahmad said.

Tencent’s post in Hong Kong was affected earlier in the week after Chinese journalists unveiled new rules that would allow children to play online video games only. three hours a week.

Martin Lau, President of Tencent, was warned investors last month that it expects the pressure on Chinese manufacturing companies to grow. Tencent had already imposed restrictions on how long children could play online after government journalists called “spiritual opium”.

“China’s overcrowded landmarks could be another important factor” in destroying Tencent globally, says Kelvin Ho, director at Fitch Ratings.

But 56 of Tencent’s 77 sales or acquisitions of the game until August 20 were in Chinese companies, according to Niko Partners.

Tencent has it he emphasized his contributions for the Chinese people as the regulatory crisis intensified, saying last month that it had chosen Rmb50bn ($ 7.7bn) to be a “popular program”. It has also sent face recognition to young police officers who have been playing online for a long time.

Tencent declined to comment on the issue of xenophobia.

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