Star Trek Prodigy Main Titles Released

The program of Protostar takes a plane.
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On top of all Star Trek We will have to wait and see, we are developing a new type of list of images Moral soon. And we’re waiting to see something more a teaser we found at Comic-Con in the summer, we have now looked at some of the first chapters in order to determine the time.

Released as part of MoralAttending the Television Critics Association Summer, its headlines feature a new headline by Michael Giacchino, who, by honestly stupid list yes Appreciation on video and TV, he apparently found three Kelvin videos: Star Trek, In the dark, and After that. MoralIts head is indeed the type of bombast Giacchino is known for, and it brings Journey in chapters such as “Interested Young People, and this is a kind of climbing, sweeping that you want out of Star Trek national anthem. See list below –or here, if you are outside the US.

This is in line with the beautiful graphics, which follow the lead lead experiment of Starfleet ship USS Protostar, while looking everywhere from the landscapes, planets, and debris that make up the layers of MoralYoung players. Then the big face of the holographic Janeway! It’s nice to see him again, right in the series like a guide for the next generation of potential Starfleet researchers. The program of Protostar in itself there is more Journey similarity from the design concept, even the twist: when the famous Janeway ship raises its eyebrows to a very high level “The Work ” form to go fast, it looks like Protostar it degrades to the point of becoming something more like it Journey‘s standard design. A little touch to tie the list together.

Star Trek: Prodigy is planning to hit Paramount + later this year. No doubt we will learn more about the third series on Wednesday, September 8, as part of the CBS celebration of Star Trek55th anniversary.

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