South Korea Just Disbands Apple and Google’s App Store Dominance

It looks like Apple and Google’s dominance has ended, especially in South Korea. The government has recently voted in favor of reforming the Telecommunications Business Act, which would force Apple and Google to allow the use of alternative financing methods.

Just yesterday, the government it was too late to vote because of other topics that were more complex. Although he did not say when they would start voting again, it seems that it did not take long. Now all that remains is for the bill to be signed into law by the president of the country and all have been drafted.

What does this mean for Apple and Google? Basically all these companies have used their payment methods to purchase goods and other microtransaction. This also means that manufacturers have been forced to give Apple 30% off their inventions, which some find unreasonable.

With this change, some donors are allowed and who may take less than Apple or Google, making manufacturers more profitable. Apple and Google will have to comply with this new law otherwise they will be able to pay 3% of all their profits in South Korea, including arms sales.

According to the Chairman of the Korea Communications Commission Han Sang-hyuk, “Change can be made by following these principles. We are well aware of the concerns of Apple and Google, which is why we will achieve this in consideration of our business partners and users. ”

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