Sofia Hayat is concerned about Armaan Kohli’s arrest if he has a medical condition: Anyone who is addicted to drugs feels pain inside

Armaan Kohli was arrested last Sunday when the Narcotic Control Bureau allegedly found a small amount of cocaine at a player’s home in Juhu. Now, Mr. Kohli Bigg Lord Opponent 7 Sofia Hayat has also expressed his views on the initial detention of the case. He also revealed that Kohli had recently apologized for his actions at the show. Sofia sued Armaan during their time Bigg Boss 7 after hitting him with a mop. Santacruz police arrested Kohli on charges of assault, after which Lonavala police charged him with sexual offenses. Kohli was later released on bail.

Speaking to ETimes, Sofia also said that Armaan’s apology surprised her but later made ‘peace with her’. Sofia said, “He promised to be a good person and changed, and he was saddened by what happened during the Bigg Boss era. I trusted him and gave him another chance. However, I also told her that she is setting a good example for young people and should encourage them to do what is right and not to be violent toward women. I told her that she could do this if we reunited in public, and sent this message to people, thus becoming role models. ”

Sofia also did what Armaan was recently arrested by the NCB for possession of drugs. He also said that he doubted his sincerity. Sofia said, “I hear a story about drugs in his house, now I wonder if his apology was genuine. He also said that the actor does not respect his position and himself.

He also said that anyone who uses drugs is ‘in pain’. He said, “Anyone who takes drugs is in pain. As a healer, I forgive him and welcome him to come to me for healing. Anyone who hurts others shows his inner fear and insecurity. I believe and pray for him to come out of the darkness with any pain in his heart.”

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