Skullcandy Bluetoothless Ears With New Audio Assistant

Image of Skullcandy & # 39;  s New Cheap Earbuds Has Its Own Voice Assistant

Figure: The shell

One of the best reasons to choose Apple or Google wireless headphones is that you can always use the audience helpers at your company to play music, without touching anything. Some wireless headphones require you to press a button first to create a Siri or Google Assistant feature, which is not very good, and why Skullcandy is starting his commanding words.

Is it hard to reach your ear to touch or press a small button on your wireless ear? Not really, but for users who struggle to have wireless phones to stay, even the smallest button can release the shoots, which need to be repaired properly. This task is especially difficult if your hands are busy with other things, such as picking up food, beating a child, or riding a bicycle. It may seem small, but having a wireless headset that always listens to the sound is a great help, as well as a good reason to choose Apple or Google headphones in the competition. For those with tight budgets, however, Skullcandy is finally bringing functionality to pages that cost less than $ 100.

Available from today, Skullcandy’s $ 100 Grind Fuel and $ 80 Push Active all feature Skull-iQ company functionality. Like Apple AirPods or Google Pixel Buds, the two add-ons on the Skullcandy list always obey voice commands, rather than the need for a button first. This means that similar functions such as adjusting the music, adjusting the volume, lighting the surroundings, and launching Spotify, all can be achieved by simply asking them. The only one? Instead of just saying “Hey Siri” or “Hey Google,” you should say, “Hey Skullcandy” out loud. This can get an odd look from those around you, and Skullcandy is not really known as Siri or Google.

Skullcandy Grind Fuel (left) compared to Push Active (right).  The latter also include assisting her voice to be safer during exercise.

Skullcandy Grind Fuel (left) compared to Push Active (right). The latter also include assisting her voice to be safer during exercise.
Figure: The shell

The two earpieces also have the ability to switch shortcuts triggered by side-by-side tapes, even using it as a remote camera for connecting to a mobile phone. There is also a Audio Audio sharing feature that allows two pockets with Deaf ears to connect to the same wireless stream, making it easy to share music or for two people to watch a video on the same device, as long as no more than 15 feet away. And for those who like to lose their ears, Skullcandy also incorporates tire loading features to make its pages easier to access.

What about the differences between the first two groups of Ear Cards-IQ? $ 100 Opera Oil away its compact design with nine hours of battery on the headset only and an additional 31 hours when integrated with their portable wallet, as well as the ability to edit and modify head files through a handheld audio app. The $ 80 Push Active has a small push-up design battery life up to 10 hours per page only, with an additional 34 hours with a carry-on bag. It is integrated with a hand switch in the ear to make it more secure which may be easier for other users.

Skullcandy promises that functionality will be added to Shield-IQ through future software changes, but it has no idea how strong it is like Siri or Google Assistant here. So if you have a simple question you want he replied, You can also ask Skullcandy to start your own smart charity to help you.

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