Siri Seems To Lostly Receive Other Things To Get

One of the things Apple is most proud of is the availability, while the company likes to know how their products work which makes people with disabilities use them. However, for some mysterious reason, Apple seems to have phased out some of Siri, its digital assistant.

According to various reports from users and the notes he wrote on AppleVis platforms (a panel of Apple users who are blind or have limited vision), the release of iOS 15 has removed some of the rules available from Siri.

These include being able to ask Siri if the user has voicemails, play voicemails, see call history, see recent calls, ask who called me, send an email, and send an email to someone else. Surprisingly, Apple removes these rules because they seem to be useful and useful.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. His last chance was that a user at the conference said he had spoken to Apple and was told that Apple was aware of the matter, we hope it will be answered as soon as we think that for users, these are very important rules for their daily use.

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