Scream House Mentioned on Airbnb Destroys Halloween Rent

Deputy for Dewey Riley (David Arquette) answers a popular phone in the Scream House.

The call is coming from within me! ”
Figure: Airbnb

Do you have plans for the end of October? Then forget about them, because the house from Wes CravenThe first meta-horror video Shouting– you know, the house where the music comes from – will be rented like Airbnb. Surprisingly, it only costs guests $ 5 a night. The catch, of course, is that there are only three stay just one night, so … yeah. Problems do not allow you.

But if you can win, Airbnb promises a unique, highly privileged opportunity David Arquette, who played Deputy Dewey Riley in the 1996 film as well Shouting results, and he seems to be very polite in your home because he is the one who explains everything that the lucky guests should enjoy on the official list:

Image courtesy of You Can Theoretically Book the Scream House as an AirBnb This Halloween

Figure: Airbnb

“Going back to 1996, where you will be immediately taken to the town of Woodsboro and all the surrounding markets. You and three guests can sleep (if you think you can handle it) … Ghostface is back to haunt our town, so we need to be careful that avoid any encounters (we all know he likes to make a door).

“As the next brave souls to sleep at night at Shouting house, you will face all the dangers of Shouting at the home where the first and most exciting moment of the first video took place, including:

  • Greetings from me (as long as Ghostface doesn’t catch me first).
  • Opportunity to explore Shouting house in all its original glory, from knives in the doorways to the garage where my sister Tatum experienced her tragedy.
  • All four racing videos Shouting videos (on VHS, obviously) to match the next one Shouting to release.
  • Dedicated phone if you can try to reach Ghostface directly-but be careful, he can just call the house, too.
  • Old 90s favorites, like Jiffy Pop, ice cream and all the Reddi whips you might want, and pizza, if you can suck it.
  • The opportunity to go home is unique Shouting memory, including a DVD bundle of the first four Shouting films, Woodsboro High gear, Shouting Pictures (2022), and much more.

“Whether you enjoy a true thrill or are just a scary movie fanatic, get ready for a one-of-a-kind sleepover commemorating all things Scream. And don’t forget to catch me in the upcoming Scream, in theaters around the world starting in January 2022.”

If you want to enter, head to Airbnb order Tuesday, October 12, 1:00 pm ET for a chance to rent a house on October 27, 29, or 31. Located around the town of Tomales in Northern California, this house has one room but only accommodates four guests. , two on an air mattress – and one bathroom, so be prepared to be comfortable. If this arrangement does not appeal to you, please remember that it is only a $ 5 rent, and there is very little chance of getting a good night’s sleep. As Deputy Dewey puts it: “I’ll give you my best tips for surviving the night, but if Ghostface says anything about it, there won’t be a reduction in what happens.”

I’m sorry Ghostface has a lot to say about this. And if you are not one of the lucky people who should have it Airbnb events, Shouting playwright Kevin Williamson he wrote that they will share “Online Entertainment and Airbnb on October 28 to share what it took to make Shouting movies. ”More on that experience (It costs $ 100 per person, then it’s more expensive than Airbnb’s, but so far 10 people can take part) are available Pano.

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