Sci-Fi Love By Leslie Odom

Leslie Odom Jr.  and Cynthia Erivo hugging each other on display from Needle in a Timestack.

Leslie Odom Jr. and star Cynthia Erivo in Needle in Timestack.
Figure: Lionsgate

Fighting toxins exes and I feel pain in the ass no matter what, but things get worse if they start to walk over time. Mu Needle in Timestack, Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr. Games and Foreigners Cynthia Erivo stars as a very crazy family. That is, until the old woman takes time to test the man ake ex. And those exes play with Lord of the Rings’ Orlando Bloom and Slumdog Millionaire‘s Mr. FrNo.from Pinto.

Yes, there are a lot of beautiful people who are competing in various competitions preferences in Needle in Timestack, written and directed by Oscar winner John Ridley (12 Years of Slaveryand based on a short story written by Robert Silverberg. Here is the cart.

The big sale here is that the idea of ​​one person ex Walking through time to deal with what an ex-partner had Dating using their ex-partner (fresh air), however the same video seems to focus more on the Odom side. From the beginning of the trailer you can see that they also use the travel time. Wonder, it’s thiabusive or defensive behavior? His character is gentle enough to be seen inconsistencies with Bloom and Pinto—uexcept that is probably why the ball started rolling on this difficult plot in the first place.

Inep many award winners as well Oscar-caliber video producer, adapted by his a combination of sci-fi and romantic colors, swords Needle in Timestack it looks so much fun. For this to be the first time you hear this and where being released on a small scale by Lionsgate is a little inspiring. However, you should consider that only the people involved have made this worthwhile to watch.

Needle in Timestack is open to the public, including on-demand and digital October 15. This is immediately followed by a DVD / Blu-ray on October 19.

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