Savita Punia says winning gold medals in the Asian Games is a key factor

Savita Punia, India’s women’s goal scorer, is a key figure in the starting line-up. The team’s vice-president released some performances by blocking a number of threats to the Indian team at the recently concluded Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Standing like a rock between goals and opponents, Savita Punia won the award for saving air and emotion. Although the Indian women’s hockey team lost the medal a bit, the team’s courage to return when they were pushed against the wall touched the hearts of many. Punia was at the center of it all.

His bravery in the scene means that Savita Punia’s perseverance would not have been known. India’s second-in-command was named FIH Women Goalkeeper of the Year along with Belen Succi of Argentina and Maddie Hinch of Great Britain.

The Indian women’s hockey team got off to a fantastic start at the Olympics, losing their first three games in a row. However, victories in Ireland and South Africa helped the team reach the quarterfinals while the Indian team managed to beat Australia happily.

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However, Argentina’s defeat in the semifinal and later in Great Britain at the bronze medalist games broke the hearts of fans and solid players. While the medal remained elusive, the Indian women’s hockey team came back with talent.

Savita Punia said the interest in achieving a major goal has already been lowered. The manufacturer said the trip to Tokyo would be monitored for a long time. He also said:

“Now that I’ve had time to reflect on how we work, I feel like we’ve achieved something special, and the best part was the journey so far over the last five years. we will be happy with the trip. “

Savita Punia said after beating Australia 1-0 in the quarterfinals, the idea of ​​winning a medal seemed to be true. He also said:

“Even though we lost close to Argentina in the semifinals, we want to give anything against Great Britain and we really want that medal around our neck and when we beat Australia, we really believed that this could happen.”

The immovable Savita Punia – a style that any Indian hockey lover will remember

Savita Punia is the post-India reviewer Janneke Schopman
Savita Punia is the review coach Janneke Schopman after India’s defeat of Great Britain.

The sight of Savita Punia shedding uncontrollable tears after the defeat of India by Great Britain will be remembered by Indian hockey fans. Team coach Janneke Schopman tried his best to comfort the creator but Savita Punia could not be comforted.

From finishing 12th in the last five years in Rio de Janeiro to winning a medal in Tokyo, the Indian women’s team has gone a long way. Savita Punia feels that the team is now ready to break the rules and expectations. Savita Punia explained:

“I see hopes growing. People have seen that we can do well in high-performance sports, and I hope we can meet those expectations. Now we have the experience and the team is planning to do great things. The experience in Rio made us self-reliant and we really struggled to get to that point, now we do the same. ”

Savita Punia is ready to take action

Three years before the Paris Olympics come in 2024, Savita Punia said the most important thing for the team is to include, analyze and hit the ground running next season. With the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games in the future, 2022 is a calendar full of Indian hockey.

“I can’t wait to go back to camp in SAI, Bengaluru. It has been a place of comfort for us. There have been many celebrations after the Olympics and now is the time to get back to reality. Next year is important for the Asian Games qualified to participate in the Paris Olympics.We will continue to study for that purpose.

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