Samsung’s Galaxy Note Can’t Die Here

The rear output of the S22 Ultra with another copy floating on top of it, looking up

The Galaxy S22 Ultra looks as bad as the Note.

Followers a Samsung’s largest Way Know phones were disconnected this year. Instead of releasing a new type as it does, the company decided to continue on to another high-end, curved type Galaxy Z Fold 3.

But Note lovers can have reason to rejoice. Released version of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra spread on Twitter and indicate that the Galaxy S line can replace the Notification. S22 Ultra it seems to have a frame with a curved display, a curved camera, and especially, a built-in S Pen slot.

From what we can know based on the type of output and more on the output, The S22 Ultra measures 163.2 x 77.9 x 8.9 mm and will be 10.5mm thick, including an abstract bump camera.

Perhaps the most notable part of the loss is the rear view camera house, which looks like pieces released in an upcoming Tetris game. The section is very large, except for a small device that knocks down the fourth house. One of the four is expected to be a team writer. There is also a file for laser cutting autofocus, and possibly infrared scanner, though it only delivers.

The release of the Galaxy S22 Ultra with its camera view feature

I want to push the camera lens on the Tetris board to hit the line.

It is a file of Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 pushing the Note line in a prominent position, perhaps the S22-like S22 would attract people who don’t want a landing phone.

How more Android phones are changing makola, Restored information – even if modified – may be requested Samsung dedicated fans with a large cloth, a powerful processor, and a built-in pen, remove the experimental technical head that may not be as strong as the electrical user needs.

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