Review of Apple iPad (2021): Tired But Very Good

Apple now alone sells one tablet with home button, black border around the window, and Lightning port: new Ninth iPad. That’s all in line which supports Apple’s Old Pencil.

You may be wondering why you need such things. Having a USB-C port on New iPad MiniFor example, it gives you power on one tablet and the same cable you use on your MacBook. Apple’s Mini pencil support also means that there is an easy way to save and restore. But the answer is simple: price. With the new iPad Mini price exceeding $ 499, this $ 329 machine is now the cheapest iPad.

Changes this year are minimal – there is a better processor and a front-facing camera. But unless you’re looking for an iPad to empower you with editing 4K videos and photos, or relying on your sketchbook, this color is a great option for most people. It controls everything normal works well. You know, like word editing, TV shows and movies, reading ebooks and books, and taking notes. It’s not bright or attractive, but your wallet makes you very grateful.

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The ninth-generation iPad did not get the same makeover as this year iPad Mini. Apple also redesigned the old design, keeping the handset with the Home button (with ID). It is a little lighter, so it is easier to carry, and thanks to its sturdy bezels around the window, it feels safe in my hands when I use it.

Apple eventually brought True Tone technology to the 10.2-inch screen. As with the iPhone, the brightness of the screen and its temperature can be adjusted according to the shape of the surrounding lighting. It’s a good touch. You also have more storage space than before, but 64 GB is still a bit missing.

Importantly, the 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera has been redesigned to a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor. The color is very good, but installing a camera is difficult. When you make a video while looking at a location, you are forced to look at the side, which sounds strange.

To address this, Apple includes Center Stage support as you can get on the Mini iPad Pro. This forces the camera to keep you in the frame as you move around the room, and it pops out when it detects more than one person. It’s not the answer to a set of rigid videos, but it’s useful when you pull two video games with your parents and cook at the same time. You do not have to worry about leaving the frame.

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That said, it’s not fair. I was playing on an iPad and a video with my editor, but a friend who came into the living room and sat on the back bed, the camera was too big to fit them in the frame – exactly the opposite of what I wanted.

The downside is that this iPad does not have a lamin display, meaning there is a difference between the glass and the screen. It is not clear how to write, so if you want to use Apple Pencil more, it may be better to raise another type.

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