Resident Evil 4 VR Remake Arrives At Oculus Quest 2 October 21

If you love horror / zombie games, it no longer looks better than Capcom’s Resident Evil series. This game has proven to be very dangerous and that’s when you play it on your TV, so imagine if you were living with a zombie, what do you think would happen to him?

If you want to know this, you will be happy to know that Resident Evil 4’s VR remake will arrive on Oculus Quest 2 on 21 October. The launch was first announced by Capcom earlier in April earlier this year, so it’s good that we now have a much-anticipated date, as well as Halloween!

The game was pre-arranged for Oculus Quest 2 by Oculus Studios and Armature Studio while giving players Leon shoes. It will be a first-person experience unlike any other Resident Evil role where you play on your man’s shoulders, both of which will be advanced and personal.

There is support for physical movement to carry and use equipment, so it should be a diving experience. It will be exclusively in Oculus Quest 2 so if you have a different VR theme, you should release this.

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