Republicans Tantrum After FEC Rules Twitter Didn’t Break Election Law With Block Of Unsubstantiated Hunter Biden Article

Republicans were outraged when the FEC dismissed their complaints that Twitter had violated election laws by banning the unconfirmed Hunter Biden case.

The New York Times reports:

The Federal Election Commission has dropped Republican allegations that Twitter violated election laws in October by barring people from posting links to an illegal New York Post article about the son of Joseph R. Biden Jr. first of all future cases of social media coverage and national campaigns.

The FEC confirmed that Twitter’s actions in connection with Hunter Biden’s actions were commercial, not political, and therefore sanctioned, according to a statement in The New York Times.

Republicans Responded to Their Recent Conquest

Donald Trump Jr., Hunter Biden stalker, wrote:

Dana Loesch wrote:

Fox News Reporter:

The Republican goal is to stop humanitarian companies from eliminating human disease.

The FEC regulation means that TV companies have the power to eliminate lies. This power has become an enemy of Republicans who have seen their efforts to use Twitter, in particular, to spread lies to be stopped. Facebook has done a lot more, in addition to stopping the spread of lies and distractions.

Republicans have never received a Donald Trump ban, which is why they say they are outraged by the use of unconventional language, which is always frustrating with the ability of TV companies to cover up their lies.

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