Report: Biden Pressured Afghan President To Create ‘Perception’ Taliban Wasn’t Winning ‘Whether It Is True Or Not’

A bomb report said Joe Biden called Afghan President Ashraf Ghani in July and pressured him to make “assumptions” that the Taliban were being monitored “whether it was true or not.”

Reuters Tuesday points revealed released phone notes between Biden and Ghani on July 23. He also heard voices chatting for about 14 minutes.

The following is an astonishing example of President Biden urging Ghani to make an account – or worse, a real lie – about the situation in Afghanistan around the world, and to increase the American population.

According to Reuters, Biden looked repeatedly at what he called the “awareness” problem in Afghanistan.

“I am not telling you the views of the rest of the world and in other parts of Afghanistan, I believe, and that things are not going well in the fight against the Taliban,” the President insisted.

“And there is a need, whether true or false, to create another image.”

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Biden calls on Afghanistan’s president to change his mind about the Taliban’s victory

When Biden summoned the President of Afghanistan and asked him to change his “perception” that the Taliban were succeeding, it was an indication of his determination to deal with the horrors of the country.

According to a Reuters report, Biden reached the point where Afghan politicians had gathered at a press conference to promote a new approach to the war.

“This will change the mindset, and it will change the negative that I think,” he said.

White House the website provides The “reading” of the phone between Biden and the president of Afghanistan but does not mention the change of “mindset” that the Taliban was winning.

Less than four weeks after the summons, the Taliban invaded Kabul, and Ghani fled the country.

Surprisingly, Biden seems to have complete confidence in the Afghan military.

Biden told Ghani, “You definitely have a very good army. You have 300,000 troops compared to 70-80,000 and it is clear that they can fight well.”

As Reuters reports, nothing could be further from the truth: “A few days later, Afghan troops began patrolling the country’s capital without fighting the Taliban.”

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Changing the ‘Story’

Fox News reports that after Biden summoned the President of Afghanistan and urged him to change his mind, General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he did the same by calling Ghani.

Milley says.

“And we have to show it together and try to change their minds.”

Critics would not have known that former President Donald Trump was fired by the House of Representatives on July 25, 2019 phone call between him and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump, according to the record of calls, asked Zelensky to “look” at Deputy Chief Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Former Fox News Assistant Monica Crowley responded after hearing that Biden had called the Afghan President urging him to change the Taliban issue tweeting, “Sounds like a difficult phone to come to me.”

A few months after the withdrawal of US troops, President Biden was telling the American people that things were going well and that our allies in Afghanistan were in control.

In an interview with ABC News on August 19, Biden said “The idea that the Taliban are kidnapping … I don’t think anyone is expecting this.”

His Ghani phone call a few weeks ago shows that the idea was already an issue that needed to be addressed.

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