Rep. Paul Gosar Sends Unusual Photos Of Green Arrows

Photo of the article Why Congressman Paul Gosar Sends The Green Line Mentioned On His Dick

Drawing picture: Lucas Ropek / Twitter

Paul Gosar, A Republican representative from Arizona and, some say, a white friend, Recently posted a picture of himself on Twitter that appeared to show long green arrows pointing at his penis.

Right Parliament, who is I’ve never met a conspiracy theory that he did not like and is very fond of Trump, also has a good reputation for posting online content. He is a lover memes and gifts and, for the most part, they are not afraid to do things like that sprinkling “Epstein did not kill himself” wounds in an obscure twitter thread.

So it was not bad for him on Monday, sent word a strange image of him standing in the desert in front of a group of cactus and the green arrow pointed at his Dick. At first glance, the image resembles a cover of, say, a bad rock disc, or perhaps some other QAnon image.

Soon, he wrote other photos: The first one shows him and former President Trump in a rounded office with green straight lines on top of their bodies. Meanwhile, someone is showing off current President Joe Biden, leaning over to talk to the girl. Here, Biden has a curved green line that lifts him above.

If you get confused, they look like this:

Understandably, most people were he stopped wondering which hell was all.

This amazing symbol seems to have come directly from an online personality called “Rivelino Artist“- kind of red pill an adversary who expresses a senseless sense of directness to attract women. According to Rivelino, if you lean on your friend while the picture is being taken (you know, hug him or something) you are a weak person and they find you unattractive. For more information, Rivelino’s tweets are as follows:

WHY CANNOT IT BE POSSIBLE? When a man leans on his girlfriend, he reveals that he feels inferior and inferior. She reveals that she has a weak mind, and that she feels trusted

Or these:

ASK RIVELINO “Why do so many boys rely on photos of themselves with their girlfriends?” Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. We don’t know how to become men. Sometimes, though, these guys are strong and just get lost. He believes that trust is “protection”. Si

See an example:

Rivelino paints countless images of men and women standing next to each other, with their weakness or strength reflected by the straight green or curved green lines — like the color shown in Gosar’s tweets on Monday.

The funny thing about this is that, like Mel Magazine they say, it is difficult to determine whether Rivelino’s assets are real estate transactions. However, one of the great tips for men is that you should not do that cover your crotch with your hands because it means you are embarrassed by your dick. Is it possible that it is not a joke?

It is not known who “Rivelino” is. With the exception of the Twitter account, he also appears to have YouTube video and Instagram-They are all filled with the same funny things. However, nothing compares with history or history to explain who is really behind these unconnected ideas.

All this aside, perhaps the biggest surprise is not who made up the idea of ​​the green lines, but why Gosar saw the need to post his articles. We can assume that by giving Biden a curved line he simply calls him a cuck. In the meantime, Gosar and Trump are getting straight lines of envy and the reason for that is alpha He-Men. Apart from that, there are many questions. As …

  • Why did Gosar choose a picture of him standing next to three catechists?
  • Why are cacti given a feminine, sloping lines, while a straight, masculine line?
  • Does the GOP representative show that he has power over the cacti? Does he represent his political enemies? Is Biden a cactus?

I can’t make its heads or tails. We arrived at Gosar’s office for help in translating the pictures. However, there may not be a real purpose, since, despite the lack of communication, the tweets have already done their job — which was for everyone to talk about Gosar.

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