Released Movies Display Pixel 6 Pro Next Google Display

Google has released their translators upcoming Pixel 6 phones, but the interpretation is not always consistent with what we see in real life. If you want to know what the Pixel 6 might look like in real life, you might be interested to know that a video shared by someone on Discord and then posted by @thisistechtoday has shown the Pixel 6 Pro coming into the hands of anonymous – videos.

The video features a Pixel 6 Pro with black / gray finish and a shiny look, perhaps a mirror. We have to say that based on this video, the phone really looks good and we can’t wait for Google to officially launch it, which we heard it can happen in October.

In addition to showing the design of the phone, the photos that were later released also show what looks like CPU repair on the phone. As you can see, the mobile phone is expected to be powered by a Google Tensor chipset, and the specs indicate that the Tensor chipset has eight cores.

Two of them are Cortex-X1 cores closed at 2.802GHz, two Cortex-A76 cores closed at 2.253GHz, and four Cortex-A55 cores closed at 1.80GHz. Chipset signs have shown that it is a little stressed, but I hope the latter race will be more interesting.

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