Racing League: Charlie Fellowes hoping players can make it to the finals in Newcastle to take the title | Speed ​​Issues

Charlie Fellowes is hoping My Goat players can “climb to the top” and take part in a racing League competition in Newcastle on Thursday, Sky Sports Games.

The Goat Race to the end is just four points behind leaders ThoroughBid after the fun twice in five weeks at Lingfield last week.

The Fellowes have assisted three times in the competition, and the two-time winner Billhilly is back in the final – the only entry of a coach for six of the team’s first runners-up to Newcastle.

“I’ve done a little,” Fellow told me Sky Sports Games“I have won three competitions, I can’t do any more so I have left it to other members of my team.”

He laughed: “I feel like I’ve passed them through a race, now is the time for them to persevere as well.

Racing League standings after round five in Lingfield

“It’s a Clover and Palmer show this week and I hope they take the stick and cross us.

“Tom Clover has three runners and he loves them. He has Electric Love, who had a great chance at Lingfield last week and I think Newcastle should be better.

“He has a Cash Machine, which I think has really run more than 6 stadiums, and he has Sugauli on the ground.

“Hugo Palmer is taking part in the two remaining competitions with the former Red October and Eastern Sheriff.”

‘Race for the fresh air’

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The brothers are in love with the Racing League and are also sending two winners to Billhilly to add to the final at Newcastle on Thursday

Your peers are thrilled with the new competitive environment, which offers a prize of $ 50,000 each.

“I like it,” Fellow said. “She’s been a bit of a freshman.

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Jack Mitchell believes there is a chance he will take part in the racing League, as he heads to Newcastle with seven points behind leader Hayley Turner.

“It helps that we have done well but we have taken it seriously. I know it has been widely criticized but it amazes me that what is bringing in foreign currency is being criticized.

“Most of the time when I run I look at my runner and then leave as fast as I can, but I’ve been to the whole meeting three times.”

The Newmarket coach also spoke about Team Ireland and its competitors at the ThoroughBid Games, represented by top coaches Andrew Balding and Richard Hannon.

Fellow jokes: “I think it would be bad to run if Richard Hannon and Andrew Balding won in the racing League. They have more horses than Andrew and have won the title of coach. They’re fine, they don’t. I want that.

“I’m glad the Irish guys [Joseph and Donnacha O’Brien] they are down because I think they think they have come to take our money! “

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