PUBG New State (Mobile) pre-connected Android and iOS devices

PUBG New State has become one of the most talked about martial arts. Krafton announced the title earlier this year, and has gained international acclaim.

PUBG New State’s initial registration has been a temporary feature on both Android and iOS platforms. Indian users were left in a state of shock because pre-registration had not been granted in this country.

However, as of today, 1 September 2021, the makers of PUBG New State have made subscribers available to players in Indian state as well.

Pre-registration for Android and iOS for PUBG New State Mobile opened in India


Play with Link Store: Dinani Pano

Section 1: First, players must use the link above to visit the PUBG New State Play Store page.

Users are required to press the Users are required to press the
Users must press the “Pre-register” button as shown here (Image via Play Store)

Section 2: Users can click the “Pre-register” button. A dialog box will appear. Players must click the “I Hear” button to complete the pre-registration.

Show Show
Click “I Hear” to complete the subscription to PUBG New State (Photo via Play Store)

There is another alternative – “Apply when available”. Users can click there if they want to download the game whenever it is available.

iOS apps

Apple App Store Page: Dinani Pano

Section 1: The above mentioned link points iOS users to the Apple App Store Games page.

Users must download the Users must download the
Users must click the “Get” button to order (Photo via Apple App Store)

Section 2: They can click on the “Get” option and confirm the process. Thereby, PUBG New State will already be governed.

Must confirm this (Photo via Apple App Store) Must confirm this (Photo via Apple App Store)
Must confirm this (Photo via Apple App Store)

About PUBG New State

As mentioned above, PUBG New State has been established in the future of 2051, and the name of the map / battlefield is “Troi.” Two alpha tests in the game have already taken place, and the most recent one ended a few days ago. Users who took the alpha test were able to test different head shapes.

There was no worker release date The game has been announced from now on, but the producers have already said they intend to release it in the second half of the year.

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Edited by Siddharth Satish

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