Psaki Confronted Over Biden’s Behavior: ‘Was The President Looking At His Watch’ During Dignified Transfer

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was quoted as saying that President Joe Biden was seen checking his watch by politely transferring 13 U.S. members killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Images of Biden looking at this wristwatch have been damaged since the incident.

Psaki made the remarks at the White House daily conversations.

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Psaki Dodges Question

A reporter noted that some of the Marines’ relatives were killed by a terrorist bomb at Kabul airport. he was angry and Biden’s performance – looking at his watch at a ceremony to honor him.

He then asked Psaki, “Does the President look at his watch? And he has a message for people who feel frustrated?”

Psaki’s response didn’t really matter whether Biden was just looking at his watch or not.

“I would like to convey his message to all the brothers who have been here, who have never been, and to thank their sons and daughters, for the sacrifices they have made in this world, for knowing the feelings of losing a child, and for no one to tell you anything or say anything. the hole left, “replied Psaki.

“He can’t talk anymore, and I won’t talk to our friends,” he said. “Obviously he has the right to say whatever he wants.”

Psaki Biden’s remarks have been debated over the collapse of the Armed Forces

Mr Psaki noted that Biden appeared to be a fighter.

“But I can tell you that I have been with him for a long time in recent days, that he was so impressed by the relatives he met two days ago, that he talked about them regularly at meetings and good work and gave their sons and daughters,” Psaki said.

“That doesn’t change their suffering, but I want to explain this,” he concluded.

That’s a lot of words to avoid answering the simple question – ‘Does the President look at his watch?’

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Some military families have done so he refuses to meet Biden.

Mark Schmitz, father of Missouri Marine Jared Schmitz who died in the Kabul bombing, met with the president.

He said Fox News that meeting “did not go well.”

“They talked more about their son than they did about my son, and it didn’t make me happy,” Schmitz said.

“At first, I didn’t meet him,” Schmitz added. “But then I realized I owed it to my son to have a few words about how I felt – and it didn’t go well.”

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