Philips Hue Announces New Light In Every Room

Photo of a bright room with various Philips Hue lights, purple and yellow

More bulbs and new lights are coming in to set up your entire Philips Hue team.
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Smart lighting is a cheap, easy way to start with a good home. Philips Hue, one of the most well-known branding brands, has just taken the new lighting fixtures for various rooms in your home, as well as the integrated Spotify integration within the Hue app to all sing and shine together.

The new sales featured four gradient-powered lights and new lights. There are also white light bulbs with two brightly colored bulbs attached to this line. Here is the complete damage:

  • Play gradient light tube: These are the accessories that will fit your TV, even if you have a large curtain on the wall or sitting on a console table. It has the same technical capabilities as Hue Play gradient light strip. It is another way to lighten the back of the curtain and does not depend on the adhesive to be done. The small tape costs $ 180 per compact type and $ 200 per large format and will be available on Jan. 18, 2022.

Picture of a bright purple light tube under the TV

The Philips Hue lighting device is designed to cover your TV.
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  • Circular Light Line: The Philips Hue Ambiance light line is being redesigned this year with electric power. This allows the light cable to simultaneously display different colors in its length. It’s different from the Play gradient viewing section, which means climbing the back of the TV. The $ 70 upgrade, one meter and $ 170, 2-meter base kit will be available on October 1.
  • Signe floor and table lamp: Philips Hue has added a number of other adjustments, including his Signe lamp, which looks like a bright and coming light black and white, as well as a Signe table, which is much shorter. Both lights will be available on October 12 and will cost $ 300 and $ 200, respectively.
  • Give ceiling light: The company’s first lighting starts in January 2022. It has a clean and color front lighting, and is used in places like dining rooms, bathrooms, and shutters. For $ 30 each, the ceiling light is about the same as the standard you would take from a retail store.

A photo of Edison's Philips Hue bulb with white light instead of the usual yellow

Temporary lighting doesn’t work for everyone, which is why Signify made Philips Hue white lights.
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  • White white bulbs: Modified bulbs are very flexible at this time. Instead of bright and light yellow in motion, they now combine white, solid blue colors that you can use during the day, and they come in all colors. The A19 bulbs cost $ 35, while the longer and circular ST19 bulbs cost $ 40 each. There are also white candles made of hanging chandeliers and so on, and they cost $ 30 per bulb and $ 50 pairs. Larger ST23- and G40-size bulbs will be available in October for $ 50 each.
  • White and light bulbs: Finally, and especially important for those who still move traditional bulbs to the smart ones, Philips has added big, bright choices to its huge retail line. All white, white, white and white colors are all now available in three bright colors, including 1100 (75w) lumens, 1600 (100w) lumens, and 60w color already, which can reach up to 800 lumens. However, 100w models will not ship until October. 12.

Sounds like a lot? That’s the reason.

Spotify integration

While you don’t want to fix your smart lights, Philips Hue is adding the Spotify integration to the Hue program itself “They combine light with music” to create “immersed joy.” It’s the same with what you get via the Hue Sync Lightbox, with the exception of the built-in headlights, it follows the beat, color, and common “ideas” of the Spotify track that plays in the background. The Hue app is able to analyze the metadata of each Spotify song in real time.

This has begun to spread around the world as part of the launch program for Philips Hue users. It will be released to everyone starting in October. The company has confirmed that the syncing form will work for free and Spotify payers.

A little of the essentials

Jasper Vervoort, business director at Philips Hue at Signify, told reporters a number of companies looking for Story, a home-grown standard that is supposed to bring smart bulbs into harmony with other ecosystems. In addition to the continuation of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Vervoort also said that the Philips Hue bridge has been redesigned to fit the Matter standard, as it is “at the heart of the Philips Hue system.” Vervoort added that “all Philips Hue items you have purchased or purchased today will be in accordance with the Material.” A change in direction is expected sometime in 2022 The required standard is expected to be legally established.

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