Pentagon’s John Kirby Claims U.S. Military Equipment In Viral Video Is ‘Unusable’

Pentagon journalist John Kirby told CNN that the weapons shown on video at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan have “reduced” and “can not be used”.

The comments refer to an online video of Taliban soldiers entering the hangar at the airport and inspecting U.S. military equipment, including the Chinook helicopter.

“She is OK. They can look at them, they can walk around, but they can’t fly. They can’t use it, ”he said he explained.

“We made sure we had weapons, not to use them, all the weapons on the airport,” Kirby said, adding that there were “several fire trucks and forks” in operation.

A spokesman for the Pentagon said the Pentagon “is not overly concerned about these images.”

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Pentagon Taliban Case Cannot Use Weapons

Kirby’s comments, referring to their weapons and equipment “at the airport.”

Some of the weapons the Taliban seized were not actually in that hangar at the airport.

The Sunday Times reported on the Taliban great benefits, including Humvees, Protected Mine Vehicles, drones, anti-aircraft guns, rifles, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft.

An estimated $ 85 billion is available was criticized for the part because the figure includes the cost of training and having Afghan police with 20 years of nationality.

One video, written by the Talib Times, an so-called English account of Muslim-led Muslims in Afghanistan, seeks to show Taliban members flying the Black Hawk.

The video has not been verified.

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Trump Says ‘Hell Bomb Out’

The BBC last weekend said the Taliban did took a video of a Black Hawk helicopter “carrying a taxi.”

But tools with such functionality do not need to be tested and run without additional training, and they will not work well without the necessary software and updates.

General Kenneth McKenzie, the US Central Command’s chief of staff, confirmed Kirby’s claim that the plane in the video was “made”.

“Those planes will never be able to fly again,” he said. “They will never be used by anyone again.”

Los Angeles Times reports on Taliban fighters entering the airport hangar and describing them using American weapons that they have already done for fun.

As if to represent a dramatic turnaround, ground forces boarded the airport wearing US-provided uniforms and carrying pre-made US-made weapons and equipment such as night vision glasses. He fired into the air and shouted “Allahu akbar!”

Former President Donald Trump on Monday said any remaining weapons of the Taliban should be returned.

“If it is not reciprocated, we must go with the military no doubt to capture or blow up hell,” he added.

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