Patriots’ Quinn Nordin could now add ‘NFL kicker’ to career history

From reviewing LinkedIn’s job search to finding a place in Quad’s 53 men group, Quinn Nordin found a new way to get back on track.

Called up to appear at the New England training camp, the undefeated player won the second most important part of the coaching camp, earning a job starting with former Nick Folk.

The 23-year-old Michigan first-year student waited four days after the NFL Draft to be invited by any team. At this point, he began to think about the future. While waiting for the group to show interest, Nordin analyzed his LinkedIn account. He also thought of war.

Nordin signed with the Patriots on May 5. He went 6 out of 8 on field trials with 50 yards, and 4 of 7 on extra tests in three preseason games in New England. Although the rookie struggled with consistency, special team leader Cam Achord showed confidence in him.

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“He was really shown (potential) revenge. He was very competitive,” Achord told the Boston Herald. “Obviously, it was a great competition all the time. He had to keep fixing the inconsistencies and keep showing up, but he could come back – he came out hard and then came back and did hard one day. That’s the main thing: you’re still getting better.”

Nordin played only Wolverines’ last four games, and when combined with all 12 of his PATs, he was only 2 out of 5 on field trials. Folk was one of the first to play in the NFL in 2020, making 26 of his 28 field trials and going 30 for 33 at PATs. He scored two winning goals in the game, against the Jets and the Cardinal.

But Folk is said to have suffered injuries at several camps and tried just one goal in the past, the 41-year-old striker made Sunday against the Giants. Nordin was eventually beaten up and is now in charge of the brutality of their relatives.

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