NYC Shipping Workers Paid, Tortured, And Injured, New Report Gets

An employee travels through Manhattan on December 02, 2020.

An employee travels through Manhattan on December 02, 2020.
Figure: Spencer Platt (Getty Images)

New report examined hundreds workers in New York City and found that many receive unpaid wages, long hours, theft, and serious injuries. On top of that, they they are often described violence from restaurant owners, customers, even the programs they work with.

The program of reports, dubbed “Important but Unprotected,” is the result of a partnership between researchers at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations in Cornell and two international humanitarian organizations: Savior and Employee Justice Work. As part of the report, the authors analyzed 500 NYC programmers during the epidemic – a time when food and travel restrictions lead to advertising work. He did it again interviews with monitoring groups.

The most common complaint reported by the delivery staff was low pay. For the average worker, the report estimates that their hourly wage was about $ 12. But apart from the tips, the average wage was only $ 7.87 per hour. Advice, like everyone else and food aid information he knows, he can change week after week, and do enough to survive, most people are said to work with multiple programs, while about two-thirds he also said he was working six days a week. In any case, $ 12 per hour is still less than the $ 15 minimum wage paid by employers at the end of 2019 (like most types of gig, software delivery workers are not considered as New York City employees, independent builders).

Even getting a small salary was usually a challenge for employees. The survey found that 42% also reported that they did not receive any money, did not receive a lot of money, and that they received late payment of their salaries or services, sometimes to the point where they missed a full week.

“This report confirms the stories of the workers, which we have heard for many years,” said Hildalyn Colón Hernández, director of policy at the Workers Justice Project, he was told The city.

Risk of reproductive function manifested in other ways, too.

Many employees complain algorithms used by software to determine their performance, e.g. If an employee refuses too many requests or receives poor customer votes, they may lose their opportunity with the program, which could result in fewer or fewer subscribers. And simple things like they are dying workers are often unable to reach them. 83% He said that they are not allowed to use the bathroom in some cases, while 53% said they sometimes have access to public toilets, and 30% say they never found one.

Continuing with these challenges, reproductive function may be possible be dangerous. Nearly half of all employees are said to have been injured on the job, usually as a result of a bicycle accident or accident, and a quarter stated that he would have to pay any medical bills. 54% said they stole a bicycle, while 30% said he was tortured during the robbery. The researchers provided reports in memory of the reproductive workers who died in 2020 and 2021, including one employee who was shot on his bicycle in March 2021.

There are legal efforts to promote the rights of reproductive workers in the city. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Groups led by staff like Los Deliveristas have he objected more and more rules are requirements, such as that would ensure employees bring software. Popular software companies are currently in the midst of in court the city continues to use wooden cups to reduce the amount of fines they can afford to follow in restaurants.

“The correct answer here is to make these people known as co-workers,” Brad Lander, a Brooklyn consultant running for office this year, told TCity. “It has an excellent package for advanced housing. But of course, government regulations are required to state what everyone knows, and that these are employees just like everyone else. ”

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