NVIDIA Entered Relocation RTX 2060 With Double Memory

So far, NVIDIA’s GPUs are in the top 30, but earlier this year, there have been rumors and reports that NVIDIA is actually exploring the idea of ​​replacing old models from series 10 and 20, such as RTX 2060 For example. It was initially rumored to be able to come with 8GB of VRAM, from 6GB, but a new report suggests otherwise.

According to the new report, it looks like when NVIDIA re-launches the RTX 2060, it could be launching and remembering twice, meaning that instead of 6GB, it could re-launch 12GB of VRAM instead.

NVIDIA is currently facing some challenges with the RTX-30 range, which is why the company is looking to import some older models that rely on a particular design. The RTX 2060 was actually launched in 2019 and is considered to be the best GPU for those looking for one of NVIDIA’s Turing GPUs.

Many praised the GPU’s performance value and it was accepted until 2020 when the company left. So far there is no word on how the RTX 2060 should be relaunched, but as NVIDIA anticipates that the demand for the Ampere GPU will arrive in 2022, I hope soon for those who want to make a new gaming PC.

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