Now It Could Be A Bad Time To Lose Your MacBook Pro Charger

Laptop bedding can wear off over time, especially if you work outdoors and bring it with you. Alternatively, you can put it back in place to forget to turn it off when you go home. That being said, if you are using an Apple 16-inch MacBook Pro, you may want to take extra care of your charger.

This is because for any reason, Apple 96W USB-C processors for MacBook Pro are not available and according to Apple’s page, customers have to wait 2-3 months before it arrives. As MacRumors points out, in Japan the shortage is said to have started in August, and now appears to have affected other countries around the world.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Alternatively, there are rumors that Apple is launching new MacBook Pros next month and some have speculated that we may see a return to MagSafe, with Apple removing the existing ones.

You can always use a medium charger but it is not recommended, because until we find out what is delaying, you may want to take care of the charger because it may be difficult to change it in the next few months.

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