Motor Vehicle Tracking Program

It seems that the Apple Watch has a number of ways to save lives. We’ve heard stories about how a smartwatch based on heart rate and ECG monitoring has warned the wearer of problems, thus allowing them to seek medical help before it’s too late, but that’s not what the Apple Watch can do.

It seems that recently in Singapore, the Apple Watch motorcycle was able to help after a car crash. The driver of the motorcycle collided with a van and fell off his bike. However, it seems that when he realized, his Apple Watch did not.

Realizing that he had fallen into a coma and not responding promptly, he sent a message to the motorcyclists, calling for an ambulance.

According to the family of the motorcyclists, they are very grateful for the clock because at the time of the accident, the roads were empty and there could be a chance no one would have noticed the accident maybe too late. This is not the first time we have heard of a life-saving crash, and we hope to hear more about it in the future.

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