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All eyes were on Monica Lewinsky at the launch of ‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ in West Hollywood on Sept. 1.

Monica Lewinsky, 48, paid attention when he laid on a blue mat at the beginning of Murder: A Violent Case in America at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood Wednesday, September 1st.

The program of former White House member, who play with Beanie Feldstein in a series on Bill ClintonRemoved in 1998, it featured a red, pink and blue dress for this special occasion.

(Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock)

The fighter’s outfit is patriotic, which seems to fit the tales of the 10 episodes he released. Monica was also spotted with tiger-printed heels and chains on her legs and honestly didn’t look good.

As for Beanie, she was wearing a pink and red Brandon Maxwell dress covered with a kiss. Whether it was the wrong approach or not, we will know, but what we do know is that Beanie looks amazing.

(Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock)

She paired her sundress with red silk shoes and platform heels, earrings and a pinky diamond ring. She also beautifies her purple hair on one side and highlights her cheekbones and pink eyebrows, while accentuating her look with glowing eyeshadow.

Honestly, their whole appearance is as interesting as we think.

In a recent interview with Hollywood journalist, Monica revealed that as a show, she insisted on incorporating what would make President Clinton, play with Clive Owen.

“Listen, I wish I could be selfish and say, ‘It’s good that you guys think we shouldn’t show it, okay,’ but I know very well how people view the matter,” he said. Monica also pointed out that the shooting moment, which was reflected in a number of allegations against President Clinton that led to her assassination, was a crucial part of the case. “As a result, in the end, I heard two things: One is that I should not get a license because I am a manufacturer; and two, that it was not fair to the team and the project because it would leave everyone at risk.”

The crucifixion, which first appeared on FX on September 7, has players included Sarah Paulson such as Linda Tripp, Annaleigh Ashford such as Paula Jones, Betty Gilpin as Ann Coulter, Margo Martindale such as Lucianne Goldberg, and Billy Eichner as Matt Drudge.

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