Mike Flanagan’s Next Change

A young girl climbs the steps around a large library at Netflix's Haunting of Hill House.

Young Shirley (Lulu Wilson) climbs some of the most beautiful stairs Hill House eviction.
Figure: Steve Dietl / Netflix

Hill House eviction and Download Bly Manor it was so big on Netflix so naturally it is natural for fans to look forward to another episode. And in demand the creator is director Mike Flanagan has been busy (his most recent Netflix series, Midnight Mass, dots next week), is gone on record as the saying goes Desire the show is not at the top of its first list. Meanwhile, he he found other jobs to fill his time instead of just one changes from old books – but it seems do not rule it forever.

Talking and Entertainment Weekly, Flanagan also expressed doubts about returning to the break list, while emphasizing this Midnight Mass—amen they do divide a number of player members Hill House and Bly Manor—there will be no strange connection with Desire the world. “One of the things that defines Desire The myth for me is that all of them are currently editing and ridiculing existing content, “he said. He said. “Midnight Mass he was always original and important and personal, it never sounded like it would be part of the whole universe … If the stars are aligned in such a way that we think about going back in Desirethe world, should be more in the kind that we have established. Must have a valid IP address, must have an accurate ghost story, and must be compatible with Bly and Hill House. ”

As fans of intermediate stories, as well as how Flanagan describes and adds, we immediately began to think of what kind we wanted to see. He fights Shirley Jackson Hill House eviction, and several different ones Henry James’ stories have been announced Bly Manor. So what could a “proper IP piece” be? Something from Sisters in Brontë, e.g. Jane Eyre or Wuthering Mountains, he would really be in his wheelchair. Flanagan, who presided Doctor Tulo and Gerald’s games, the most famous of Stephen King, then another possibility Desire source (although King’s well-known works have already been modified … and more than a few stay though they have been modified again). But we want to hear from you: if you would have library shelves, what Desire head you would like more to see Flanagan next? Remove it from the comments below!

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