Matt Cardona opens his time at AEW

Matt Cardona, by Zack Ryder, has made a name for himself in the business since his stint with WWE ended. In the WWE race later, Cardona also appeared for the AEW, but it did not help, according to him.

The current GCW competitor was featured on Talking to Jericho and opened on his experience with EXAMPLE.

Although he liked it, Cardona felt there was nothing in the company but opened the door to the future with the promotion of Tony Khan.

“I loved it. It was pretty cool. Do I wish I could be with people? Sure, but that’s what it is. But everyone was welcome. It’s something I really need. Sometimes reasoning happens. That is why people will say, ‘Oh, my god, you grew bigger and bigger! She was fine. ‘If you want to believe this, but I’ve been the way I’ve been for years,’ “Matt Cardona said.

“At AEW, it didn’t help at that time. There were a lot of people there, and there was nothing for me at the time. No hard thinking, not to say I wouldn’t be there because I would love to be. Obviously, there’s no doubt that AEW is the place you should be. Being punctual is important, and it wasn’t the right time. ”

Matt Cardona has been running fast since WWE’s release

Matt Cardona’s alliance with the AEW only came to light when he joined his real friend Cody Rhodes in a brief match against Dark Knight.

He appeared on IMPACT Wrestling in January 2021. He competed in a bout with Brian Myers in which he also participated in the IMPACT Wrestling World Wrestling Championships. Matt Cardona and his friend, Chelsea Green, were a big part of the Slammiversary card.

However, Cardona’s most controversial moment came when Nick Gage challenged Gage in the GCW World Championship. To everyone’s surprise, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion won the death toll in a violent and bloody game that earned the fans the respect of him.

Historical image

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