Mary Trump Says Ivanka And Donald Jr. Aren’t Likable Enough To Connect With Republicans – ‘I Don’t See It Happening’

Mary Trump, a granddaughter of former President Donald Trump, also threw her brothers on the bus this week when she said she did not feel her brothers had enough opportunity to join Republicans and form Trump’s political monarchs.

Mary Trump is clear

Mary told CNN’s “New Day” that Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. they do not have the same opportunities as their fathers.

“I don’t see anyone on top of the Republican party having the same race as the others, and the voters, and no, they are not my brothers,” he said, according to Hill. “It would have been like lightning striking four times in one place. I can’t see it happening. ”

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“They have no access, no connections. And again, no [Donald Trump] he has no strength left, ”continued Mary. “Therefore, if they want to try, it would be interesting because it would tell us more about what is going on in the Republican Party, if they can be approved.”

Mary Speaks 2024

Mary also predicted that her uncle would run again in 2024, pointing out that GOP-led countries have passed laws that say they “could disrupt the process in the best interests of Republicans.”

“If Donald can get to the point where … when he feels he can’t lose, why didn’t he run?” Mary said.

This comes days after Mary’s claim that Trump should be held accountable for the January 7 Capitol riots, otherwise the US “will be at risk of independent, dictatorial and incompetent leaders.”

Speaking about the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riots, Mary said, “I was very pleased with the depth and request of this petition because the committee shows that they understand the dangers of what we have experienced and what we are moving forward with.”

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Mary Is Grown Down

“Donald will do everything possible to build a stone, avoid it, dodge, and deny what he wants. He will give everyone the same transportation,” he added.

“One thing I would say is that one of the reasons we are in this situation is because, as a country, we have never been guilty, not even powerful leaders who have committed crimes or acted illegally,” said Mary.

“Then there’s a straight line from there to Donald,” he continued. “I think it’s time we didn’t change the page, and we think seriously about where we are and how we came back here and why we continue to be at risk of political, dictatorial and incompetent leaders like Donald.”

This piece was written by James Samson on August 31, 2021. It originally appeared KhalidAli and is used with permission.

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