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What happens if someone is unprepared to ‘outdo your friends’? Indie artist Mark Ambor uses this in his new bop, ‘The Long Way.’

Although it was born as an advertisement, the saying “the best things come to those who wait” has its truth – especially when it comes to the heart. Some relationships are by nature years in production, but sometimes, not everyone is ready to take the first step. This is the message of “Long Way, ”The new single from the rising star Mark Ambor. In the new bop, starting here at HollywoodLife, Mark finds himself “unstable” in his feelings as he is ready to take the relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, the other person is no – but instead of being salty, Mark promised “patience” while the man took their time.

“If you want to go far / Then baby, that’s fine,” she sings to the choir. “Going to Brooklyn back to Broadway / Can you help me get around? / Try not to get lost / You won’t know what you missed / If you want to go far / Then we’ll take it.”

(Shervin Lainez)

Long Way”He is displaying Mark’s admirable and interesting lyrics, as well as the clever music that made him such a group. It’s a song that shows that he is willing to be at risk and open up with his songs. “Most of us have this person in our lives no matter how long he has been there, every time you see him, and every time you talk to him, it seems like nothing has changed,” Mark Ambor tells. HollywoodLife. “I found myself wanting to do more than just be friends with that person, but knowing, for a number of reasons, that at the time we were friends.”

His new song, he says HollywoodLife, and “a guarantee that things will work out better for that person. In a big way, ‘The Long Way’ describes the good stuff that takes a long time to find, but in the end it gets better. ”

(Shervin Lainez)

Mark’s “Long Way” song comes after his previously released songs, “Fever” and “We Are All For You.” A guitarist, producer, and musician who has taught himself since childhood (he started playing the piano at the age of 7 and is now 23), but last year, he exploded on the internet. In October 2020, he was an ordinary, beautiful and music-loving person (and 2,000 Instagram followers.) One year and three songs later, he has over 237k followers on Instagram and almost many on TikTok. This could be a time to get to the bottom of it as Mark’s career grows – or you can go far and become a lover of the rest of the world when you fall for this new talent.

Save before “Long Way” Pano.

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