Manufacturers Reclaiming Homelessness in ‘The Sims’

For manufacturers like Zach Letter, YouTube can be a kind of shame and wealth. Kalata, who has been writing since 2011 and has more than 2 million people on the platform, tells WIRED that he was homeless in about 2011. At the time, Kalata was attracting two full-time employees as a millwright trainer and always making YouTube content aside. . Suddenly, he says, the company he works for fired everyone – as soon as he took out a loan to buy a car and equipment for his work. This cost him a lot of money on equipment he could not use, which quickly drained his money.

Despite her diligent efforts to find work, she was fired within three months. “I was terrified. Every night I slept after working all day on YouTube, just praying for something to happen, “said Letter. Later, his YouTube channel became popular and made less money. five of her homelessness, she has only $ 38 in her name.The advertising revenue of her YouTube video – which amounted to $ 800 a month – helped her avoid debt repayment.This fact is according to Letter, who considers himself fortunate.

In December 2017, Letter took part game-making Sims 4 problems on YouTube. The problem, which is controlled by the “homeless” or “rag-heavy”, sees players wear their Sims form to look homeless and then earn 5,000 Simoleons – enough money per game to build a multi-room house with no accommodation or jobs, depending on and security page.

Letter says difficult things like this are fun “because it is possible to live a life that most people, including me, have experienced. So trying to see how you can live one way gives you hope for your life.”

In War With Algorithm

The problem of homelessness is one of the many things that players have done. Some have one female Sim 100 births and 100 different from reestablish evolution and play as the queen. Problems remain very popular in Sims YouTube Group. Games can be repetitive and exhausting quickly for gamers, such as developers, unless the add-ons or mod-mods have been released. The so-called game challenges allow players and manufacturers to achieve this.

Tom, well-known to millions of subscribers and his followers as “KhalidAli, ”He explains that the complexity allows producers to have a powerful and unique video to attract those who want to watch it. Tom says YouTube is the one that is helping to challenge the culture, because its methods encourage developers who are willing to participate and grow to try to express video ideas and challenges in the endless arms conflict. YouTube sees it more than 500 hours recorded per minute- and viewers watch over 1 billion hours a day. Challenges that are naturally contradictory tend to be exaggerated “in which the audience is left stunned and intrigued,” which results in much higher prices for those who want to see more, says Tom. Click prices and save viewers is important for manufacturers in particular, because they save money.

(YouTube did not respond to a request for comment or comment on the number of “Rags to-Riches” videos that were uploaded and how many people saw them at the time of publication.)

Games and Homelessness

Video games, in their own way, cannot be fully equated with homelessness, such as threats of violence from homeless bullies, police harassment, unsafe places, and bad construction.

It’s over 567,000 people are homeless in the United States, according to a January 2020 report from the United States department of Housing and Urban Development. The report included the coronavirus epidemic, which has resulted in increased homelessness. In 2020, research Author Brendan O’Flaherty, a professor of economics at Columbia University, said the coronavirus could lead to a 45% increase in homelessness in the United States. In all cases, there is not enough accommodation for the number of homeless people, let alone the new population, especially due to epidemic protection. Homeless people often live too lack of opportunity medical treatment, increasing the likelihood of serious illness and preventable deaths.

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