Lizzo Bought Her Mother New Clothes For Her Birthday

Photo Gallery: Getty / Kevin Mazur

Pop open a bottle of Champagne and have fun, because Lizzo shared it with her mother on TikTok, and the movie is impossible to watch once. In honor of Shari Johnson-Jefferson’s mother’s birthday, singer of “Rumors” helped her to look at a large room full of the highest quality clothes for any occasion. After a series of photos, tops, and accessories, Lizzo revealed that all the clothes belonged to Shari. “Ever since Dad passed by you’ve been telling me it’s hard to dress myself,” Lizzo wrote in a sweet video. “I can’t bring ur best friend back but I can give u this. Happy bday mom!”

The video, which now has more than 5.6 million views, showed Lizzo’s mother a little cold in disbelief because she realized her clothes belonged to her. After spreading the news, Shari cried out loud over her Champagne cup. “I should no longer look like a donkey,” she said with a laugh before giving their daughter “thank you”. Excited with the excitement, Shari took a moment before picking up the pink blouse from her new color and the new Champagne cup and smiling at her face. Back in December, Lizzo too gave her mother a new Audi SUV gift for Christmas, so she has the best daughter award in the year. Check out a little bit of what Shari did and wear the beautiful new ones that are on the way.


From the moment my dad passed by you were telling me that it was hard to dress myself. I can’t bring your best friend but I can give you this. Happy bday mom!

♬ Rumor (feat. Cardi B) – Lizzo

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