Kīlauea eruption Hawaii erupts into a new Lake Lava

Image for article titled Mlatho Mphesa & # 39;  s Klalauea Volcano Erupts as New Lake of Lava Forms

Figure: USGS

The area of ​​the park where the explosion is currently taking place is closed to visitors, so you should meet regularly through scientific observations. It’s best to avoid close-to-personal interactions with the explosion of well-trained professionals.

“As a result, high levels of exposure to air are a major risk factor for concern, as this may have serious wind effects,” warned the Volcano Observatory in Hawaii. Some of the major threats are known as “vog”. This phenomenon occurs when sulfur dioxide, the most common form of volcanic eruptions, combines with the atmosphere to form a fog volcano (fog volcano, find it?).

“Vog exposes tourists to the dangers of flying in the air, damaging crops and other crops, and even affects livestock,” he explained. For those who live near Kīlauea, it can be a major concern as the eruption continues.

Scientists have also co-written tephra, a name that is known as volcanic projectiles. These may include sticky, pumice, and Pele hair, the name of hair extensions that look like hair and is called the Hawaiian goddess of volcanic mountains. Both are dangerous and can cause serious injury and respiration.

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