Julian Edelman was not surprised by the decision of the Gentile to cut Cam Newton

The recipient has recently retired Julian Edelman shared his thoughts on the plans for the New England Patriots to release Cam Newton a week before the new season.

When news of the Catholic election of rookie Mac Jones at Newton sent shockwaves across the NFL, Edelman was not surprised. Appearing on the “Inside the NFL,” he said:

“Nothing amazes me about Bill. You look at history. Logan Mankins was released; Milloy’s lawyer, (Richard) Seymour, like that, doesn’t surprise me. I think the kid came out and did well. He did very well. You can see in his eyes. You can see. in his reading that he feels good in the pocket.

The former Super Bowl LIII MVP does not believe that Jones overthrew Newton, but it is difficult to ignore the original decision. He explained:

“The (Jones’) roof is very high. He had a choice of 15-year-olds. Going with him, it didn’t surprise me. It’s dangerous for Cam. I feel sorry for him. But with all that, I don’t think he wants a distraction. another group. But as I said, it’s no surprise to the Relatives, as you know. “

What’s next with Newton and Jones?

Newton doesn’t seem too upset because their relatives love the rookie and let him go. He posted a message on Twitter stating that no one should feel sorry for him.

The former NFL MVP took the first team managers in the camp and started in all three Patriots preseason games. Although Jones was impressed all summer, all the signs pointed to a 22-year-old who is supporting Newton to start the 2021 campaign.

But after the preseason, Jones got the chance to become England’s first quarterback of former Cam Newton after winning the race.

The program of The Cowboys in Dallas has shown interest in the 32-year-old quarterback. A number of fans should be asking about Newton this season, though it is doubtful whether he will agree with them.

The Joneses begin their NFL debut on September 12 at 4:25 pm ET when the Patriots host the Miami Dolphins.

Edited by Jay Lokegaonkar

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