Joe Biden sends mixed reviews on seasonal wishes

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Everyone talks about the weather, they go out to have fun, but no one does anything about it. Joe Biden has said he has long since left democracy to talk about climate change but has failed to move. Biden will finally take action seriously. Normally he sends a very mixed signal. On Tuesday, Jen Psaki, a White House spokesman, said Biden was “watching all the ways we have lowering gas [petrol] prices ”, including pressuring Opec to increase its oil prices. Two weeks ago, the President of the United States described global warming as “red code – the world and the world are at risk”. This erases each other.

Which Biden really means the $ 64tn question. The answer – they both agree – is surprisingly confusing. Concerns about Biden prices are simple. It’s over $ 80 barrels, oil is at a high level. It raises pumping prices, which contributes to rising U.S. prices, which erases much of the burden that middle-aged Americans should enjoy. This, in turn, could jeopardize the chances of Democrats retaining Congress in next year’s general election, which could counteract all of Biden’s stereotypes, as well as his ideology against global warming.

Doing so puts Biden in particular – and US politics – in a constant state of flux. Those who take drugs that ask for a little help to get better often do not go to the hospital. There is no doubt that Biden wants to do better. But they continue to find reasons to delay reading. A good example is his rejection of carbon taxes. Biden promised in the election not to raise taxes for Americans earning less than $ 400,000 a year. If that promise were merely for money, it would have proved true more than 99 percent of America – a huge deduction due to the cost of achieving Biden.

But he has interpreted it clearly – including all forms of taxes, which would make Americans pay more for their oil tanks. Swearing the high cost of carbon costs Biden obvious money to help big money in its two “well-constructed” bodies. They are also abandoning the most effective tool for reducing emissions – market stimulants. Republicans hate carbon taxes because they reject all taxes and because they do not realize the heat of the weather. The left disrupts the carbon tax because it relies on the market to do the job. Also, they are afraid that it will lead to problems.

As a result, Biden’s laws contain minor setbacks that would make the Soviet Union’s Gosplan proud. General – clean energy levies, use of electricity grid network, clean power grid for essential items – less than way. It is as if the drug was insisting on experimenting with drugs before resorting to other methods.

Biden is betting on legislation on promotions. US political history tells us that this is not a good second. But even after this, which is in high demand, it will not enable the US to achieve the President’s goal of reducing carbon emissions (since 2005 level) by the end of the decade. “It could get to America about a third of the trip there,” a senior meteorologist told me.

Where would the others come from? The answer involves two masculine ideas. Firstly I hope that America will reach a point where many will agree on the price of carbon. The closest time will be after the Biden election in 2024. But it is a punt. America is the only democracy in which the two major parties refuse to accept man-made climate change. Had it been Biden against Donald Trump, who was elected to the Democratic Republic of 2024 it would have been difficult to fight the enemy who takes the carbon tax as socialism. Don’t worry it’s a free market solution.

The second is that technology meets the needs. The magic word “zero zero out” comes from a complete bet that humanity will find modern technologies soon. The best way to promote this is to make gas more expensive. That is not to say that urging Saudi Arabia to roll the volume is the wrong thing to do.

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