Jill Biden Says ‘Listening To Science’ Will Keep Schools Open

Ms. Jill Biden spoke Monday to bring the message to the school where she called for a face mask vaccine and a COVID-19 vaccine, adding that “scientific obedience” makes schools more open.

Jill Biden Heard

“Parents, I want you to know that your son, your school and your family are at the heart of all that my husband, Joe, is doing to help our country overcome the epidemic,” Biden wrote in oped. ABC News. “As a teacher for over 30 years, and a mother beyond that, I know that classrooms are more than just places where our kids learn math and reading.”

After talking about how children and parents depend on schools every day, Biden went on to say all that her husband has done in the fight against the coronavirus.

“This administration is doing everything possible to keep schools open and at the same time to protect our children,” he added. “Health officials have developed clear guidelines on how schools can rehabilitate students in the classroom and the American Rescue Plan has provided support services to recruiting more people, including nurses.”

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Jill Biden Slips Down

“As we have seen this year, many children are saddened, lost, and frustrated,” Biden said. “In order to serve our children honestly, schools need to support health care through what students need to recover, learn and grow. That is why we are helping schools recruit more counselors and co-workers.”

Not to mention, Biden went on to claim the masks and the COVID-19 vaccine.

“With classes resuming, the uncertainty of COVID-19 remains,” he said. “However, we know that vaccination and wearing masks provide the best protection against the virus. For our schools to be open and secure this year, we will all need to come together – be honest about the risks we face, listen to science, and work together. ”

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This comes at a time when Republican governors in countries like Florida and Texas are also battling school terrorists and trying to stop local states from coercing them.

This piece was written by James Samson on August 31, 2021. It originally appeared KhalidAli and is used with permission.

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