Jason Momoa Speaks At The Throne Game Ends By Drawing Dune

Jason Momoa is ready to give back his Khaleesi, even in a very different environment.
Gift: Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

Happy hump day. Sometimes you just want to spend the whole week watching the Big Man get ready to hit the whole Big Men’s room … magical video, of course.

Great Man this time it is Duluand Jason Momoa, who shared a new photo shoot today about his role as a loyal soldier at House Atreides, Duncan Idaho, in The next video by Denis Villeneuve. It’s short, but sweet, not overly concerned about the shape of Idaho and much more how Momoa ready of form‘s great war scenes in the video — when Duncan alone goes to meet the swaths men, carving a path through their shields and weapons with two twins.

Good to see, Momoa education and then the real-life animation slides we see again. But perhaps the most controversial is that, as Momoa prepares to go on film for one of his first video games – he is fighting a battle with the House Harkonnen team for a share. to see all trailers-Somely they just subscribe to this story, saying they are just watching a Game of Thrones final list last night. We are not left to wonder what the old Khal thought about the end of the series, but he does offer that he may not be happy that Emilia Clarke and Daenerys Targaryen did not avoid Momoa’s troubles. Thrones future at the end-go to film the war with the simple words “This is yours, Khaleesi!”

The whole character Khal, whether it is on the dots of Essos or Arrakis. You can see Momoa working with more than that Dulu arrives at the HBO Max exhibition space next month, on October 22nd.

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