iPad Mini 6 Users Explain ‘Jelly scrolling’ Features

After many years of seemingly neglected, it looks like Apple’s Apple mini is finally over he found proper rest at the company’s event a few weeks ago. The app was first shipped to eager customers, but some of them find that the tablet has a problem with its appearance.

According to reports, users are experiencing a “slope” that seems to be one part of the iPad mini’s display is a bit more refreshing compared to the other side. As a result, this creates a vibration in the middle of the window, just as jelly can move if you shake.

It seems that this could affect more than a few units because according to a reader of 9to5Mac, they reported publishing that after returning their iPad mini to the Apple Store for replacement, they found that all of the units shown had the same problem. This shows that this is not just a problem for a few customers who are not lucky.

Verge’s Dieter Bohn also says his team has been affected by the same problem and shared a video on Twitter showing it. It is not clear if this is a technical program, but I believe it is a software problem because it means that a software program needs to be fixed.

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