IOS 15 will launch on Sept. 20

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Major updates for iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS are here. Following Apple’s annual event, the company announced this iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 available as free translators on September 20. The next major upgrade for Macs, MacOS Monterey, it has no release date.

Installation date is understandable, because it’s just a few days before Apple IPhone 13 layout is going to sell. We first saw iOS 15 back in June, when Apple announced a change in the company’s performance International Production Conference. Most of major changes around FaceTime fix and keep your phone from interrupting. One feature, called Focus, allows you to filter information on various life events, including vacations, sleep and work (history is subject to change, so you can set it up to meet your needs). In other positive changes, iOS 15 allows you to save your personal information and make it visible to your phone at a time of your choosing, thereby minimizing any unnecessary time spent looking for unnecessary warnings. At the forefront of connectivity, iOS 15 seems to be designed to support greater connectivity than ever before: Now you can FaceTime your Android users, create fun hangouts using the new Apple Maps and detect and change voice with your camera app.

With the help of Apple to keep trying to get the iPhone and Mac to work together (and maybe a little more obvious), MacOS Monterey There are also FaceTime and Focus updates, though it’s not known when Monterey will be ready for the big time.

In particular, the much-anticipated SharePlay segment on iOS and MacOS – which could allow watching videos or listening to music within FaceTime to call for fun group events – is too late, and cannot be used immediately with FaceTime updates. And a complete overhaul of Safari has been curtailed following complaints from public users and beta developers. (Thank goodness.)

Universal Control, a macOS interface that will allow users of the same keyboard and mouse to control multiple Macs or Macs and iPads simultaneously, also seems to be delayed, although they can be integrated when the last Monterey version is available.

As always, users may want to stop installing the update immediately, as Apple’s servers may complain to others who want to download the same software. You are unaware that the virus will hit the program you are supposed to use, so it is always best to wait until the dust settles a bit before downloading the most recent program.

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