iOS 15 Eliminates Requirements Do Not Disturb The Side And Users Are Disappointed

It is a release for iOS 15, Apple has updated and modified some of the existing features in iOS. One of those changes is Don’t confuse me, pre-built was simple and straightforward – it can be imported and your call and notifications will be stored until you restart.

However, iOS 15 has “upgraded” to a new Focus Mode that allows users to customize their knowledge, which is a good thing, but at the same time it seems that Apple has removed the feature from Unscrupulous for a few users. on Reddit they have expressed their dissatisfaction.

In fact the old version of Interrupt gave users the ability to lock their phones and notifications once their phone was turned off. This means that even if Not Distracted while the user is still using their phone, they will be able to receive notifications as long as their phone is unlocked.

However, this method seems to have ended in iOS 15 as it does not seem to be the same location. For some users, these are illegal because some users choose not to have their phones interrupted forever.

The closest thing we can see that we can compare to this session is to allow apps to have uninterrupted access, but they are no longer the same. We don’t know if Apple is listening and if they can bring back the old stuff, but until then, maybe it’s time to get used to this.

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