In the game ‘Social Conscious Monopoly’, Competition and Opportunity Is Money

The first version of Blacks & Whites was released more than 50 years ago, in 1970, but now it has disappeared. Just a few moments they have a copy for sale. The game was led by the late Robert Sommer, a world-renowned professor at UC Davis and a pioneer in psychology, to study how human behavior is affected by the structure of the world around us, according to Psychology Today. The original color was popular as a tool to educate people about opportunities from an early age. Markos and Feiman say they hope to continue the ceremony.

Sommer, who died in February 2021, in the introduction to the revised edition, which was written while it was still in production. “As we played, I was amazed at how ridiculous it was … in Monopoly, everyone starts with the same amount of money. This doesn’t fit in with the real world.

“I decided to change the rules and introduce more disadvantaged ones … As many areas in the region are made to deal with contracts and restrictions on black people, our black players would not be able to buy venues anywhere in the first place. white. ”

Robert Sommer lived in California in the 1960s, when he first took part in the sport waves of competition which swept the United States, since 1965 and Rebellion of Watts in Watts, Los Angeles. The protests began with police threatening a 21-year-old African American man who had dragged him into a drunken stupor, along with those who stood when he was arrested.

“The sad thing is that things are no different 50 years ago,” says Barbara Sommer, the wife of Robert Sommer, who “wanted” her in the game. The Society is very diverse in many ways, but in many ways the same small challenges since the 60s are still there half a century ago, he said. “They can keep the same shape and just need to adjust the shape and location. Things are really better, no doubt about it,” Sommer said. “But what surprised me was that the game is still relevant.”

Fifty years later, Markos and Feiman arrived at Robert Sommer’s home shortly after graduation to George Floyd, which also triggered major protests against police brutality. He provided them with green lights to continue and remake the game. In the introduction he wrote that it was a “good idea” to revive Blacks & Whites. Much has changed since the 70’s, he wrote, but “this kind of relationship has never been better.”

“The game was good at the time, and we had a lot of time in our hands. George Floyd was later killed, so we all knew we had to take action, ”said Feiman. “Being punctual has never been more appropriate.”

The purpose of the game – to combine race and opportunity in Monopoly to make it a reality – does not change the same way in commemoration of the 50th anniversary. political topics (such as revenge, which offers free cash to black lucky people, as well as interest, which seizes the property of a black player without luck). Players can also enter the Protestant Peace Center, while whites have to pour 20 large to the Reparations Pool and black players “get tired and take them to the Police Station.” In the first game, black players can draw flash cards like “Mayor.” [Richard] Daley of Chicago was re-elected. Go to prison. “For white people, the card says,” See a Black Panther mentor – pay $ 30,000. “

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