How the iPhone changed phones, Apple, and everything else

True story. Back then, phones were … phones.

You have used them to make phone calls. Maybe you can send texts, if you are civilized.

The iPhone changed all that. And it changed more than we use mobile phones: It changed Apple, it changed the culture, and it disrupted the industry and created new ones.

And it all happened so fast: Steve Jobs launched the iPhone 14 years ago. But it is impossible to imagine what life was like before.

So that’s how we start our new era of World of Giants, our podcast series that focuses on the biggest and most popular companies today. If you want to tell Apple’s story, you start with the most important thing Apple has ever done.

In our first episode, we spoke with Apple’s top executives who have been monitoring the iPhone project from the very beginning, as well as unskilled Apple employees who figured out how to do the thing.

But the iPhone is not just an electronic device. It is a tool that reshapes the world, and we want to explain how this happened. And, seriously, the meaning of being, now, in a country where iPhones – and competing phones were promoted – is not good to have, but necessary.

It is important to know if Apple, Facebook, and all other major tools are working on an additional / real header that each of them expects to be the same One iPhone. How do we want this story to play out this time?

As is sometimes the case with World of Giants – we have already done Amazon, Netflix, and Google – we want to bring you to Apple with the ideas of the leaders they have created. And we also want to examine the power that Apple has gained since it has changed the world, as well as the actual real battles that are being fought by regulators and opponents to harness that power.

This is a great story to tell, and it is interesting, and exciting. We hope you enjoy it. The first part of World of Giants: Apple Revolution is out now. New shares will be released Wednesday. Feel free to listen on your iPhone, or any other device you choose.

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