How Healthy Farm Land? See How Its Microbes Work

But industrial agriculture is endangering the parasites. When farmers look at turning the field after the same field, and killing useless crops (weeds) and chemicals, the microbiome can become healthier. These methods, traditional farming, and the degradation of arable land as a result of urbanization have contributed to the loss of quality land. Plenty flooding and drought as a result of global warming it makes things worse, disrupting the amount of nutrients and organisms in the soil with more or less water.

This is a serious problem, as it can lead to environmental problems, as well as economic damage to farmers. According to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, which published it calculating land reclamation and restitution in 2018, at least 3.2 billion people are affected by landslides. Although not confined to one area, sub-Saharan Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia are the worst affected by the economic downturn and erosion.

A member of the non-profit group No-till in the Valley, Palen is already a fan of these issues. “The soil is very organic,” he says. His group promotes agriculture, claiming that it causes erosion and destroys the environment. Palen said: “I do not believe that any device could properly measure the soil. But research by Washington State University researchers says it could “help improve the quality of life.”

Jenny Kao-Kniffin, a professor at Cornell University School of Biology, who did not take part in the study, says that she sees a promise in the earth that scientists have cooperated with engineers in this way. “The event that this tool can work most effectively is to assess the effectiveness of the soil management method or micro-organisms, such as comparing the effectiveness of pesticides or fumigant on the natural activities of the soil,” says Kao-Kniffen. “Another example is looking at the temporary changes in the ecosystem, and the transition from adaptation to environmental adaptation.”

This is the next step for the authors to look at: Conducting research that will be able to count farmers in real time. To do this, they make the device simpler and easier to install in the ground. (The current version is connected to a computer wall.) Obviously, they may require farmers to return the actual results to their equipment. “The dream is to examine what the energy source tells him about the soil, we can give farmers the tools to measure this accurately,” says Friesen, allowing them to change systems, such as using pesticides and pesticides, if the sensor shows the soil does not bear fruit.

Although it may be several years later, they also hope that their research will be able to compare other factors, such as fluids and fluids. Beyenal focuses on land reserves, derived from many fields, which can be used to create a “soil index,” or quantity number that can tell farmers how healthy their land is. “We know that soil health is very critical,” Beyenal said. “This is the starting point. We want to provide simple numbers to help people understand.”

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