How Biden returned to rest Covid’s course of vaccination

When Boris Johnson flew to New York on Sunday, the British Prime Minister was hoping to question his chances of pressuring President Joe Biden to reopen the US border for people traveling from the UK.

“I do not think we will end this week,” he told reporters as he traveled to the US for two days of similar UN General Assembly meetings. “I have to warn you that I don’t think this issue will be resolved this week.”

Just hours after Johnson arrived in the US, the White House was unexpected modified method.

At a press conference, Jeff Zients, chief of Biden’s Covid-19, told reporters on Monday morning that travel bans in the UK, Ireland, Europe Schengen travel area, China, India, Iran, Brazil and South Africa would all be lifted from the start. early November.

Instead, the US will require all visitors to be vaccinated before entering the country, no matter where they come from.

This proved to be a huge success in Brussels, Dublin and London, which led to the dismissal of the project. But his sudden announcement after months of refusal to leave the White House surprised almost everyone who was doing so unsurprisingly – plus, it looks like Britain’s Prime Minister.

“We have done it faster than we expected, but because of the efforts of our teams,” Johnson said Monday, referring to US and European groups who have been discussing the issue for weeks.

“We were hoping to get some time from the United States to ban the voyage. We didn’t expect him to go all the way and suddenly announced that he was picking up,” he said.

Many sanctions were imposed by Donald Trump, the former US President, at the beginning of the epidemic.

The ban did not affect US citizens, diplomats, green card holders and anyone else who could be pardoned because their travels were in the US interest. And this summer, even as Europe began to open up to American tourists, the US stabilized, barring not only foreigners but also relatives and traders from entering the country.

The ban angered European leaders, especially as the EU and UK began to perform better than the US in terms of vaccination and the increase in cases.

In June Biden’s management set up a coalition of experts and policymakers with the UK, EU, Canada and Mexico, to discuss how to open US borders safely.

According to the activists, the British used these groups to inform Americans about the tragedy in the UK and what happened when the country began to open its borders.

British officials shared everything from the vaccine against the Delta coronavirus with the exception of how many people came to the country to be tested with Covid-19. This data was very useful in the US, where such information occurs in the public domain and is difficult to create and analyze.

A White House official said: “The UK has been very helpful in providing information about their epidemic and their perceptions of things like testing when they come.”

Meanwhile, European leaders have spoken out against publicity for Biden’s leaders, and are ready to retaliate.

With mounting lawsuits in the US and a small White House sign failing on their mission, the EU last month advised its countries to reinstate sanctions on those traveling to the United States. One day later Stavros Lambrinidis, EU ambassador to the US, wrote on Twitter: “People [US] Prohibition of travel will have a devastating effect on the economy and the people, at a time when it is even more important. ”

Lambrinidis told the Financial Times on Monday: “Obviously if you have a whole bunch of 450m white people in different categories looking for something else, that will make a difference.”

In a recent visit by the Zients, Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for Internal Markets, was indignant. “I was very clear with him, I said: ‘Look Jeff, we are the first continent of vaccinated people, we are at 73%, you are at 66% and you are killing. We want to help you… And you treat them in Europe like Iran, China, Chile, Brazil. There are some things I don’t understand, “Breton explained in an interview with FT on Monday.

One of the delays was a bad time. As rulers on both sides of the Atlantic believed they were closer to an alliance, the Delta nation began to spread rapidly, raising disease, hospitalization and mortality in Europe and the US. White House officials worries about Optics also opens the border among other dangerous waves.

But after Biden focused on the US vaccine, European and British officials finally managed to persuade the White House that the incoming vaccine would reinforce the president’s message rather than criticize it.

In a series of visits with US officials on Friday, European ambassadors were told they were doing well. But as leaders from around the world flew from New York to the General Assembly, there were some important facts.

U.S. officials have decided to approve the recipients of the AstraZeneca vaccine, according to a number of people who are aware of this, although it has not been approved by U.S. authorities. But they have not yet opted for another vaccine that is not approved by US officials who may approve.

And although the White House has ruled that children cannot be vaccinated against the new vaccine, they have not decided where to end it.

Johnson was due to discuss a deal with Biden on Tuesday. Mr Breton was planning to impose a ban on travel in his talks with Zients on Monday, but received a phone call shortly before announcing the removal.

White House officials decided that, instead of waiting for the final outcome, they would block the forthcoming negotiations by announcing the project and publishing subsequent notes.

“We’ve known for months that this is where we’re going,” said a White House official. “But in the end, time really did work.”

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