Gunvor reveals the amount of sales on pages that most people do not release

Gunvor released the financial results for the first time, indicating that the retailer had recorded a number of products at the end of the year in demand for natural gas and crude oil.

A group of civilians led by billionaire Torbjorn Tornqvist said that as a result the volume of sales increased 28% per year to 118m tons in the six months to June.

The figures show that big retailers – a group that also includes Vitol, Trafigura, Glencore and Mercuria – have the opportunity to take advantage of the food that has been selling to the electronics market and sending oil prices to show a sharp rise.

Gunvor also said that the increase in oil prices was needed as the economy reopened after the epidemic ban and the “incredibly cold winter” in Asia and other parts of the US to take part in the increase.

“Liquid liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been active, profitable and volatile as well as market volatility and gas operations continue at this time,” Gunvor said in a statement. “Unsaturated fats and starters have also been linked to better health.”

Since the end of Gunvor’s half-year, European oil prices have risen 120 percent while the future LNG agreement in Asia has risen similarly. Unprocessed oil, which can benefit industries that convert from natural gas, sold for over $ 80 a barrel this week for the first time in three years.

Gunvor, who lives in Geneva and is said to be an independent LNG global businessman, has not donated much of the money.

It made its half-year-old numbers available on Tuesday at Euronext Dublin following a memorandum of understanding this month. The company wants to change where it earns money and increase the size of the lease.

Retailers often rely on large loans from banks to finance their sales. Most lenders, have stopped leaving the company to follow embarrassing in Singapore it left them sucking big losses.

In the six months to June, Gunvor recorded $ 213.1m, down from $ 230.5m a year ago when the company recorded its results as it benefited from keeping cheap oil and selling it to future markets at higher prices.

He also said natural gas and crude oil prices had risen sharply in the first half of 2021, with trade growth rising by 27% and 77% respectively. The cost, which reflects the prices and volumes, almost doubled to $ 47bn.

Gunvor revenues rose 13% to $ 2.5bn at the end of June. Tornqvist, chairman and general, owns 87% of the company.

In a subsequent statement, Gunvor said he was also being investigated by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission in light of developments in Ecuador.

A former Gunvor employee turned out to be an agent he blamed himself in court in New York this year to support more than $ 22m for Ecuadorean officials in exchange for a lucrative deal with the Petroecuador oil company.

“In line with the Department of Justice’s ongoing investigation into Ecuador, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission is also conducting an investigation,” the company said in a statement.

“Gunvor does not know the extent of the DoJ’s investigation. As a result, there can be no confirmation of the investigation.”

Gunvor and other rivals have stopped using agents to do business in rich countries where corruption tends to be rampant.

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