Google’s Pixel 6 Pro Can Be As Expensive As The iPhone

In the past, Google’s Nexus phones were cheaper, but as we’ve seen with other phones and accessories, over time the prices started to rise as soon as customers started buying them. It looks like the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro can reach enormous prices, or with recent rumors.

In Brandon Lee’s video for This Is Tech Today, he appears to have received information from his source who claims to work for a European power company. According to the source, he was told that the Pixel 6 is expected to cost around € 649, while the Pixel 6 Pro will cost around € 899. This is very expensive, especially considering that the iPhone 13 mini costs around € 799 on the Apple Germany page.

We do not know how much it will cost if it is established in the US since the conversion from EUR to USD does not represent a price, but its potential may not be as cheap as some of you would expect.

In other words we shouldn’t be surprised when new Pixel 6 phones are powered by Google’s Tensor chipset, which is why we think one of the most expensive reasons could be the financial impact Google has made in its design. In any case, nothing is guaranteed yet for all we know, it can be cheap, so take it with salt wheat for now.

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